1. Learning is exhausting and subsequently I had to post the next day what else I learned so my brain could take a break.

2. There is SO MUCH to learn in the world and you can overwhelm your brain, especially when you’re trying to learn something like bartending. Sometimes learning a lot isn’t just getting a bunch of new info, it can be practicing one thing over and over and making mistakes and learning from them.

3. First ask the order, then make the drink/s, then say how much or ask if they want to start a tab, then put it in the computer. Having an order is important for staying organized even if there are a bunch of people that need to be served. Once these things become second nature, then multitasking will become early. It’s counterintuitive to our culture but trying to multitask everything at once can easily lead to mix ups!

4. Talking to customers is as important and making them happy is very important to bartending, as important as getting their drink right and making it briskly. Unless it’s a group out to party, each person is in the bar for a reason, to make friends or that they’re tired or they like the relaxing there and it’s important to be a beneficial part of that experience.